Candidate for the Parliament 2023

Nina Miettinen

You can choose a sustainable, humane and open Finland and world. 

Sustainable Finland protects nature and makes climate-smart solutions in all areas of politics 

I want us to protect all state-owned old-growth forests and to double the funding available for nature conservation in order to restore impaired habitats. We develop comprehensive, affordable and fast public transportation systems as well as functional cycling and walking routes, both in and between cities. We direct agricultural subsidies towards sustainable food production in order to minimize harm to the Baltic Sea. We invest in renewable energy to build an energy independent Finland in which sustainable solutions are within reach for all. 

Humane Finland reduces differences in well-being, gives young people space to grow without stress and adults enough resources to do their work without constant rush

I want us to introduce economic measures that improve the financial standing of low-income households. Paid work should result in a salary that is big enough to support oneself and one’s family. Every person should have time and space to do sports, to rest and to dream in their daily life. We enable studying full-time without the need to take out a student loan. We guarantee sufficient resources for mental health services. We ensure that every child and adolescent finds a motivating hobby by further developing the Finnish model for leisure activities. 

Open Finland encourages those here and those who come here to study, work and enjoy hobbies without unnecessary detours

I want us to introduce basic income so that working is always financially beneficial for the individual. We ensure that all immigration leads to education, work and a functional everyday life. We expedite the bureaucracy in issuing work permits. We increase intake in institutes of higher education to correct the shortage in skilled labour. In our work, we acknowledge the diverse living situations and working conditions in people’s lives. We cooperate internationally and actively take part in resolving wars as well as in finding solutions to the climate crisis and other global challenges. 

We can afford to choose. 

You can vote for me in the spring 2023 Parliamentary elections in the electoral district of Helsinki. My election number is 228.

This is the moment when we make change happen - together!

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