You can vote for me in the spring 2023 Parliamentary elections in the electoral district of Helsinki. My election number is 228.

This is the moment when we make change happen - together!

Parliamentary elections 2023

Advance voting in Finland: 22. – 28.3.2023
Advance voting abroad: 22. – 25.3.2023
on the election day: Sunday 2.4.2023 from 9 to 20

Advance voting: You can vote in advance at any polling station in Finland or abroad. You can see the polling stations in Helsinki here.

Voting from home: People whose ability to move or function is restricted so that they are unable to come to an advance polling station or a polling station on election day may vote in advance at home, i.e. an election commissioner comes to them to receive their vote. Registration for at-home voting ends 21.3.2023.

Voting on election day: Voters may cast their votes at the polling station stated in the voting register and on the card sent to them before the elections. 

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Information about the Parliamentary elections of 2023 in different languages

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