Candidate for the Greens in the municipal elections in Helsinki 2021

Nina Miettinen

Towards the world’s best everyday life in Helsinki!

World's best everyday life is full of possibilities

In a city of possibilities everyone has a place to work, study and take part in hobbies despite one's background. There is also a possibility to stop and get help when needed. We prevent marginalization by offering free after-school activities and access to mental health services without bureaucracy. Adapting to live in Helsinki should be easy also when moving from abroad.

World's best everyday life is sustainable

In a sustainable city services and nature are close to people and we run a circular economy. There is no need to own a car and less stress when schools, libraries, shops, forests and sports facilities are within a 15-minute radius from everyone's home. Helsinki is a zero waste municipality.

World's best everyday life is climate-smart

In a climate-smart city it is easy to select walking, biking and public transportation on rails. We plant and protect forests instead of cutting them down. We take concrete actions for carbon neutral Helsinki. Buildings are heated with renewable energy.

Voit äänestää minua vaalinumerolla 839.

This is the moment when we make change happen - together!

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